Getting the feet wet … again

It seems I have a propensity to procrastinate. So many thoughts and ideas go through my head every day that I want to put down in writing. Instead, I end up spending my time performing, practicing, teaching, or (gasp!) dawdling. By the time I think to open up the iPad and start typing, my body is telling me, “Hey! How about a little sleep here, huh?”

So rather than compose a brilliant post today, I thought I’d just get my feet wet and put something down … anything, just to get the juices flowing again.

I’m giving myself 10 minutes to do so while I’m on break between sets at Disney California Adventure.

I’ve been listening to a wonderful audiobook by Thaddeus Russell called “A Renegade History” (of the United States). I’m enjoying it because it addresses the subject of how the lowest of the low influenced our country, and how they helped establish the liberties we enjoy today.

One thought that sticks out is how the Founding Fathers (and pretty much every US government since the nation was established) tried everything they could to turn the populace into good little worker bees. All work and no play make a good citizen. No holidays, no weekends, 19 hour days, no dancing, and definitely NO FIDDLERS. It’s amazing the lengths they went to in order to insure a more perfect nation.

Now look at us. What would we do without the weekend? Or Federal holidays? Vacations? Music? Dancing?

It dovetails nicely with the thought that we have all been socialized to think that “hard work” is the solution to everything.

It’s not. And now it’s time for me to go play.

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