Irish Trad Slow Session WORKSHOP volume 1

Michael Kelly

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Volume 1 contains recordings of the first 13 tune sets featured in the Irish Trad Slow Session WORKSHOP YouTube LiveStream, presented by Michael Kelly. Each tune is played 3 times at a medium Slow Session tempo. Perfect for downloading into your SlowDowner/Looper app for learning tunes quickly!

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Anderson's REEL

Anybody's HORNPIPE

Banshee REEL

Bill Collin's JIG

Black Donald The Piper JIG

Book Of Rights JIG

Boys Of Bluehill HORNPIPE

Boys Of Malin REEL

Boys Of The Lough REEL

Butterfly SLIP JIG

Calliope House JIG

Castle Donovan JIG

Charlie O'Donnell's REEL

Cherish The Ladies JIG

Circassian Circle HORNPIPE

Colonel Rodney's REEL

Connaughtman's Rambles JIG

Crowley's #2 REEL

Donegal REEL

Donnybrook Fair JIG

Dowd's REEL

Down The Broom REEL

Fasten The Wig On Her JIG

Father Kelly's REEL

Father O'Flynn JIG

Fermoy Lasses REEL

Fiddler's Heaven JIG

First House In Connaught REEL

Flogging REEL

Frieze Breeches JIG

Frost Is All Over JIG

Geehan's REEL

Geese In The Bog JIG

Grandmother's Pet JIG

Green Fields Of America REEL

Green Groves Of Erin REEL

Greig's Pipes REEL

Humors of Whiskey JIG

Jackson's Rowley Powley JIG

John Brady's REEL

Kelly's JIG #1

Kid On The Mountain SLIP JIG

Kilavel Fancy REEL

Knights Of St Patrick JIG

Lady Ann Montgomery REEL

Last Night's Fun REEL

Lilting Fisherman JIG

Lucy Campbell's REEL

Maid Behind The Bar REEL

Mary Grace REEL

Mulvihill's REEL

My Darling Asleep JIG

Off To California HORNPIPE

Old Joe's JIG

Peacemaker's HORNPIPE

Reconciliation REEL

Star of Munster REEL

Sunny Banks REEL

Swallow's Nest JIG

Tam Lin REEL


Tim Moloney REEL

Tobin's Favorite JIG

Tune The Fiddle JIG

Walsh's Fancy REEL

When Sick Is It Tea You Want JIG

Whiskey Before Breakfast REEL