Upcoming and New for the www.fiddlin4you Trad Tune Learning site

I have big plans for my new Trad Tune Learning site, http://www.fiddlin4you.com!

In addition to the FREE Tune Of The Week, I am going to offer other freebies. Such as mini lessons on how to play Irish ornamentation. Proper practice technique. Scales and modes. These will be a mix of free downloads and links to YouTube videos that I will be making in the very near future.

Also, although this site is primarily an Irish tune site, I will be expanding the repertoire into the American fiddling tradition, taking tunes found in that fabulous source book “The Fiddler’s Fakebook” and giving them the same treatment.

Just with these two ideas, I am guaranteed to be busy for awhile! But I’m always open for suggestions . . . !

Check out www.fiddlin4you.com to see all the latest! And check back often, because I’m always uploading new tunes.

~ Michael Kelly, fiddler, Sligo Rags (Celtic Bluegrass Fusion)

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