This website is dedicated to learning traditional fiddle tunes the FAST, EASY, and FUN way.  Most of the tunes, located on the STORE page, are FREE TO MEMBERS.  The tunes that are FREE require you to click on the DOWNLOAD button and then the REGISTER or SIGN IN button.  Your membership information will NEVER be sold to a third (or fourth, for that matter!) party ... I will use it to occasionally notify you of updates, new tunes, or other fiddle related information you might be interested in.

Each tune is divided up into its various sections, i.e., A, B, C, D, etc.  Each section is then played at a slow, medium, and fast tempo.  Finally, the entire tune is played at a slow, medium, and fast tempo.

When you download a tune, you will get three (3) tracks per section and three (3) tracks of the entire tune.  Also, you will get a PDF of the written music, with bowings, ornamentations, and chords arranged by Michael Kelly.

All tunes should be in the Public Domain.  If you discover a tune that is not, please inform me and I will take care of obtaining the proper permissions.

In order to utilize these tracks in the most efficient manner, I suggest repeating each track multiple times before moving on.  If you can read music, look at the music while listening to the tracks and playing along.

Remember, playing the fiddle is fun and relaxing!  These tracks are designed to make learning the tunes easy and fun, so DO NOT WORK TOO HARD!  Repetition and focus are your keys to success.

~ Michael Kelly, fiddler, Sligo Rags (Celtic Bluegrass Fusion)


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