Flexibility: Fiddle as a metaphor 4 life

When I was attending the University of Utah, I had the opportunity to study privately with some really wonderful teachers. One of them, Margaret Tyson Klein, introduced me to the teachings of Kato Havas and taught me a lot that…


Stretching: Fiddle as a metaphor 4 life

I took a trip to the Chiropractor’s office last Friday. I was experiencing back problems that I was not able to remediate on my own.

When I arrived, I did the initial intake questionnaire, spoke with the doctor, and then…


Balance: Fiddle as a metaphor 4 life

My favorite violin teacher in college introduced me to the writings and philosophy of Kato Havas, a wonderful concert violinist and teacher from England. Kato Havas wrote a couple of small books which I highly recommend to you, especially “Stage…


Letting Go: Fiddle as a metaphor 4 life

Ask any of my current or past students: I have metaphors and analogies for EVERYTHING. Sometimes they don’t make a whole lot of sense, and I’ve hade many eyes roll at me over the years. But most of the time…


New Trad Tune Website

For several years I have been gnawing at an idea to start a website. A site that would utilize some of the same techniques I’ve been using over the years to teach my private students.

One technique in particular seems…


Courage and Fear

I’ve been reading again. Today I read a chapter in Florence Scovel Shinn’s “The Game Of Life (And How To Play It)” (1925). In it is a passage I want to quote directly that treats the subject of Fear:



Celebrating Unexpected Blessings

I came home last night to find my sweetheart in the middle of meditating. At the end of the meditation, she pulled a card from her Tarot deck for each of us. My card? Prepare to celebrate!

I realize that…


Golden Rule (Tuesday October 4th, 2011)

I’m sitting here at Westminster Cafe in Westminster, CA listening to Akshara Weave’s Cho Ku Rei: Reiki Healing. In addition to writing this, I am drinking coffee and water and smoking the occasional cigarette. This is what I do when…